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Ayurveda- Sri Lanka’s ancient medicines

Sri Lanka’s ancient medicines are more popular than ever, whether in treating disease or maintaining health and fitness.

Sri Lanka's Ayurvedic tradition

Legend has it that Ayurveda, the science of life (ayur = knowledge, science; veda = life, longevity), was a gift of the Hindu God Brahma to humankind as a token of his compassion. Based on an holistic approach to health, Ayurveda has for millennia used Sri Lanka’s prolific herb and plant life to cure and revitalise. Its origins can be traced back more than 5,000 years to the Vedas of India – and it has had a profound influence on Chinese and Tibetan medicine, and even Western surgery.

Balancing the doshas

At its core is the idea that our general wellbeing is closely related to our choice of lifestyle,